Future Plans

The main focus is to keep the agave healthy and growing for the coming years of development. The other focus is to grow the sheep herd. In a couple of years when the agave have produced shoots we will decide whether to sell those shoots to new agave projects in the area and/or enlarge our own fields, which would also allow us to keep growing our sheep herd.

Another project is to return to making the Susula cenote into a safe swimming environment with a patio 70 feet below ground. The well we improved is a small opening but here part of the ground caved in opening up a large hole into the cenote and creating an island of rock and mud at the bottom. Since the cenote water is very shallow we are looking to make this a safe area for children to swim in with a staircase going down to a patio on the island.

80 foot Handmade ladder onto island in Susula cenote

Mayan crew and Danny digging out the limstone powder from the water to build up the island

Building the patio border around the island

Looking down at the patio through 60 foot long roots

So, in conclusion, we have quite a few years to design our PixanDeAgave liquor bottle, figure out our distilling requirements and make contacts worldwide to distribute our product. We are looking forward to the development and stabilization of the business so that we can look at growing other crops and starting other enterprises on our land.