From the Yukon to the Yucatan – Let the Blogging Begin

In this blog I want to share my experiences as a nomad over the last 40+ years. This journey is far from over but started at the age of 17 hitchhiking across the United States in the summer of 1962. My travels have not been worldwide but stretch from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to the Yucatan in Mexico and also many years in Western Europe.

I have mostly followed my nose and with a strong impulse disorder have leaped into many untenable situations. I am proud of having lived through all the thousands of mistakes I have amassed, as I believe we learn the most through fucking up, and that I surely did many times!

I am going to start at the end, that is now, as this website is about my adventures in the Yucatan and that is what I will be relating as it happens. But as the inspiration grabs me or as someone asks questions, I will delve back into past adventures. Like the time we ate wolf-regurgitated caribou meat that we found on the ice, under the snow, on the Yukon River. Or like the time my partner breastfed our newborn puppies, along with our daughter. Okay, you get the picture, all nonfiction and definitely on the strange side of life. But it has been my life and I want to share it at last through this medium in conjunction with working on writing some books that have been long overdue.

Don Oso